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Ann is a Cincinnati-based, abstract expressionist painter, with a B.S. in Design from the University of Cincinnati.

Ann is influenced by the beauty she sees and feels around her. Her focus is feeling, rather than representational imagery. Color is most important

to her, and she loves to exaggerate it. She applies many layers of acrylic with expressive brushstrokes, scrubbing and wiping to reveal underlayers and soften edges. Painting intuitively, each layer leads

her to the next. She loves Joan Michell, and frequently turns to her for inspiration.  


Ann was born in Dayton, Ohio. She was an artist as a child, receiving a scholarship to the Dayton Art Institute early on. Her childhood Saturday mornings were spent in art class. She frequently would pack up her paints and easel, and carry them to the local park to paint, selling her first painting at age 10. Deciding to go for a more practical career, Ann majored in Fashion Design at the University of Cincinnati, receiving a B.S. in Design. With a successful career as a Product Design Director, regular international business travel, and two sons to raise, painting fell by the wayside. Then, with the last son off to college, Ann set up a small easel in her laundry room, picked up a paint brush, and finally began painting again. In 2019 she retired from her day job to become an award-winning full-time artist.

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Blink/Art Design Consultants, Cincinnati OH

Panache Gallery, Ogunquit ME


Exhibitions and Awards

Art Comes Alive 2023

Spring Rhythm, solo show, ADC 2023

Art Comes Alive 2022

Blink Exhibition, Art Design Consultants 2022

Art Comes Alive 2021

DAAP Made 2021

Art Comes Alive 2020

Blink Exhibition, Art Design Consultants 2020

Ohio Art League, Homeworks  Series, December 2020

Ohio Art League, Fall Juried Exhibition 2020

Art Comes Alive 2019, Purchase Award

Blink Exhibition, Art Design Consultants 2019

The View, Rosewood Gallery 2019

Art North 2018

Art Comes Alive 2018

Blink Exhibition, Art Design Consultants 2018

Landscape: Illustrated and Imagined 2018

Art Comes Alive 2017

Art North 2017

Malton Gallery, DAAP Made: the Exhibition 2016

Golden Ticket 2015

Mt Adams Art Walk 2015

Viewpoint 2014



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